Gambling Licenses – The Rules and Regulations of Swedish Casinos

The worldwide web is a hive of advertising when it comes to the domain of internet gambling companies but who can you join? Is it legal in Sweden to gamble? What are your options? These questions and more are answered to help you steer towards the safer sites found online where free online slots are available.

Swedish gambling the safe and easy way – Know your facts

swedish gambling swedish gambling

There are many types of gambling to be had online, from sports betting with the soccer to playing live casino games of blackjack. There really is no limit to what can be achieved with the right site.

So, where does it all begin? Well, firstly, the laws are very simple, in 2019 an update to the Gambling Act was made to match and reflect that of the UK law and is available to view online in pdf form: Online gambling is permitted if the online casino carries a Swedish gaming license. The age limit is 18 years +, whereas land-based casinos carry an age limit of 21+. The new law also restricts the number of welcome bonuses that are made available. The gamblers bonus is now restricted to one per site.

How to get started with the right casino online in Sweden

When it comes to the world of online casinos and with the new law passed in 2019, can it still be possible to join a casino without a Swedish license or are you online limited to a casino with a Swedish license?

Well, the Swedish gaming legislation doesn’t actually prevent you from joining casinos which are based overseas. These are casinos that still retain licensed from the likes of the UK Gambling Commission or the MGA. These casinos will offer you the chance to still play with Swedish krona and win the same currency back. So, no, you are not restricted to just the sites which are licensed by the Swedish Gambling Authority, which are listed over on the site of

Embrace the exciting and lucrative world of gambling ahead of you

As long as there is licensed gambling online, there is always a safe way to make more money from playing the games you love and for those in Sweden, the in no tax on winnings. No matter where you play, be it a casino that is licensed in Sweden or abroad, the gaming levels will be the same.

All online casinos are powered by the same high levels of quality games, with progressive jackpot slot machines, sports betting and live dealer tables found throughout the options you have. The games are not made by the casinos themselves but by independent software developers that issue them out to casinos, so the games you play and are made available within Swedish licensed casinos, will also be available inside of sites outside of the Swedish boarders and across the entire Internet.

Here on our website, the links to these options are made available to you. So, embrace the possibilities and make winning a reality within the many Swedish casinos online.

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